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Re: [Groop] Am I dead?

Hi Folks!

Well, if we are all dead, but are animated to one degree or another, that
means we are zombies.  More than that, and far more frightening (at least to
others), it means we are Groo Zombies!

And for me this actually makes sense because today for the first time in my
life I am going to play a round of golf(!?!?!), and I always figured I would
die before I played a round of golf, so maybe I have.

I won't go into why I'm golfing, but suffice to say it's for a good reason.
I have decided to show up with my Groo Logo baseball hat and Rufferto polo
shirt.  Rufferto will look much classier than all those penguins and
alligators on the other guy's shirts.  I've never even swung a club before,
except at putt-putt.  I wonder if you get a free game if you get it in the
clown's mouth on the 18th hole?

I'm not sure a dedicated Groo Zombie should be allowed on a golf course.
Maybe after today, this one won't be.

Take care all -Gary G.

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