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[Groop] Questions/Comments

Before things get ugly, let's all agree to disagree.

Everyone has a right to his/her own opinions/views, which may be

Personally, what I think is this:

The quality of Groo has not dropped.

It's just that previously, the Groo stories starts with a focus point and
then end with "the moral of the story ....".  But ultimately it's for fun
and laughter.  That was the way it was for quite some time.

Now, the angle has changed.  We get things like the importance of having
issues #1 to make things more collectible, snazzier and crazier story lines,
faster to market product, more profits (though ME says he doesn't get paid
by Sergio), more flexibility, more Groo, etc, etc.  But ultimately it's for
fun and laughter.  That is the way it is now.

And that's the way things always are.  They change.  But ultimately it's
still for fun and laughter.  That's how I like it and hope how you all like
it too.

Groo rules.

Jeffrey Lim

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