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Re: [Groop] Questions/Comments

>And that's the way things always are.  They change.  But ultimately it's
>still for fun and laughter.  That's how I like it and hope how you all like
>it too.

>Jeffrey Lim

~~~ Well said, Jeff.  There's another factor that no one has figured in.
Creators of a comic must be left alone to create what they will without
pressure to churn out a product.  If ME and Sergio don't want to do GROO
monthly.  Fine.  It's their book.  If they were forced to do it, or forced
to put out "X" amount of collected editions, or forced to wear chocolate
eclairs on the tops of their feet while singing show tunes.... the GROO we
know and love would suffer.  

Sergio and ME have been doing it for a long time.  Back before any 18 year
old who could draw size Triple F boobs got hired to churn out Image,
Marvel, DC, you name it.... and they're from the generation who may not
possess the Mtv flashiness, but they are ROCK SOLID.  Sergio's art is
immutable by time, and ME's writing has brought us years of memories that
we cherish.  Today's young comic creators need to study at the alter of the
masters.  You have to know the rules before you can break them.

You can't say, "Why can't you be monthly? Why can't you put out more of
this, or that. more more more more!"  Art doesn't work that way.  Good art,
at any rate.

I kind of agree that GROO has gotten more "preachy" in the last few years.
The morals during the Epic run were much less "in your face", and I liked
the fact that the "lesson" was subtle.  The intelligent reader "got it".
.... and while I don't like that change, I still love GROO.  

Rant concluded.


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