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Re: [Groop] Questions/Comments

I think Jeffrey summed it up pretty well.  Thanks Jeffrey.  Hidden in his words
is this:
Groo used to have more substance...


Jeffrey Lim wrote:

> Before things get ugly, let's all agree to disagree.
> Everyone has a right to his/her own opinions/views, which may be
> right/wrong.
> Personally, what I think is this:
> The quality of Groo has not dropped.
> It's just that previously, the Groo stories starts with a focus point and
> then end with "the moral of the story ....".  But ultimately it's for fun
> and laughter.  That was the way it was for quite some time.
> Now, the angle has changed.  We get things like the importance of having
> issues #1 to make things more collectible, snazzier and crazier story lines,
> faster to market product, more profits (though ME says he doesn't get paid
> by Sergio), more flexibility, more Groo, etc, etc.  But ultimately it's for
> fun and laughter.  That is the way it is now.
> And that's the way things always are.  They change.  But ultimately it's
> still for fun and laughter.  That's how I like it and hope how you all like
> it too.
> Groo rules.
> Jeffrey Lim
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