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RE: [Groop] Groo sales

At 10:30 AM 5/1/00 -0400, Nate Piekos wrote:
At 11:06 AM 05/01/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Now is THIS a fabulous idea or what??!!  Nice idea that certainly won't
>put us in debt Rick!!  Too bad I can't even buy ONE issue from MY local
>retailer........they don't carry any new Groos..........

~~~~ They will if you demand it.  And if not, shop somewhere else.  The
customer is always right.

Or do as I do - I order all my comics through Previews. For hardcore comic buyers it's pretty cool. It's a two-month advance order system... I'm sure most comic book stores use Previews in one way or another. My local shop gives a 33% discount to all people that pre-order through previews. (It's because it's a sure purchase.) I really have not purchased a comic from the shelf in nearly 6 or 7 years... back issues do not count! = )

It's worth it for those of us that suffer the weekly vice of purchasing new comics.

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