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Re: [Groop] Hi

In a message dated 5/1/0 12:48:27 AM, dweezil33@hotmail.com writes:

>BTW, I understand through Erin (she told me in brackets) was tracking down
>a Groo License and Statue, but decided against it when she (it?) got an email
>warning from Malaysia about them being infected with a virus (maybe curse),
>either Dognuts.exe or sweatart.afu.
>How's about that Lar?

No no no no NO!!!  Please please pleeeeease!!! I don't wanna hafta be the one 
to explain EVERY Groop inside joke, I won't have time to do all of the 
IMPORTANT things in my life, like, ummm, you know, I usually, uhhh ? I am 
SOOOOOOO doomed.

-Larry Steller AKA The Sheik of Entropy

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