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Re: [Groop] Questions/Comments

In a message dated 5/1/0 1:42:26 AM, mrbisco@pacbell.net writes:

>Does anyone else feel the quality has dropped?

Ummm, NOPE! Not me. I kinda like the four issue arcs.

But we're all entitled to our opinions. Now let me go on and finish reading 
today's Groop posts, and hope our pal Iain isn't flamed TOO badly? 
(continued below)


Heeeyyy, that's what I love about you guys, not a flame in the bunch!

Now, about Rick's comment:
>Did everyone read what ME had to say about how bad comic sales are?  Here's
>something I've been doing to help spread the word about another comic that
>I love, and something that everyone on this Groop can do for Groo.  Buy two

I keep my Groo Trade Paperback collections in my bookshelf at work, and every 
once and a while when someone brings their kid in to work, I wait until he or 
she is good and bored and then introduce them to the wonderful world of Gwoo, 
I mean Groo (that wast minisewies is still fwesh in my mind). 

About this whole "drop in quality" thing. Groo used to be much more 
slapstick, and while there has always been a message of sorts, as the series 
progressed Sergio and Mark started actively addressing topical issues within 
their humorous stories. 

To me, the series has changed and grown like any good body of work. If the 
Groo Crew ACTUALLY WAS recycling the same One Joke over and over, it would 
never have lasted. 

Ya know, if the Beatles hadn't progressed from "She Loves You" to "Yesterday" 
to "Sergeant Pepper" and beyond, they would be just another forgotten 
teenybopper band instead of the icons that influenced just about everyone.

So if the series has gotten more preachy than slapstick, it's called 
evolution, baby!

And although Groo doesn't generate Mega-sales, I think as a property it 
enjoys a tremendously positive reputation in the comics community as a whole.

-Larry S. AKA The Fool on The Hill of Entropy

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