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RE: [Groop] Extras Groo Comics for Sale

Nothing to apologize as some groop members are completing their collections and the price is quite competative with those selling at ebays.  Those who are completing  your Groo collection, please ask packrat.  But I already have Gary to trade Groo comics with Malaysian newspaper reprints.
BTW Gary,  I already have 16 reprints (US$8.00) ready.  I'll mail it to you tomorrow.
First off. I apologize if this bothers anyone about me trying to sell my extra Groo comics through the Groop.
This is on a first come basis. I have over 200 Groo extra comics. I don't have a complete run of the issues. The "??" means I'm not sure of the last issue I have in the run.
Here are the prices by publishing:
Pacific:  $5.00 each (very few)
Marvel/Epic:  #s 1-5 $2.00 each   #s 6-??  $1.50
Image:   $1.50 each (very few)
Dark Horse:  $2.00 (very few)
I'll do the best I can complete any list that is e-mailed to me.
Thank You,
a.k.a. Rat ~,'`;>