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RE: [Groop] Hi

Btw, Erin is busy doing the promotional for the movie "Erin ...(oops, I
forgot the second word for the title)" movie around the world.  In that
movie, Erin is Julia Roberts playing the role of a single mother.  She's not
tracking down a Groo license and statue at the moment.

The Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper.

> >BTW, I understand through Erin (she told me in brackets) was
> tracking down
> >a Groo License and Statue, but decided against it when she (it?)
> got an email
> >warning from Malaysia about them being infected with a virus
> (maybe curse),
> >either Dognuts.exe or sweatart.afu.
> >
> >How's about that Lar?

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