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[Groop] Star Wars Stomp And Misc.

To the two or three people who emailed me (I lost the emails) about
wanting to get a copy of Sergio Stomps Star Wars, sorry to say my local
shop is sold out.

They did have two copies of the Day of the Dead one shot. If anybody
missed that, let me know and I'll see what I can do about picking them

Buying multiple issues is a good suggestion. I make my girlfriend buy
her own copy of Cerebus (issues and phonebooks) instead of just bumming
mine. I've been trying to get her hooked on Groo, but so far no luck.
Maybe I'll just buy her copies and hide them in her shoes.

Oops. Just realized I'm actually writing all this out. Better stop and
get back to lurking, somebody may try to take my place on the couch.

Jason Wade
My film company, Wacko Productions:
ICQ# 31151173

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