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RE: [Groop] Questions/Comments

maybe Groo got a bit serious after he know how to read (after Marvel #100).
and maybe the side effect of those brainberry in the dark Horse's 4 issue
"The most Intelligent person on earth"

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> I agree with pretty much everyone here, that Groo has changed through the
> years.  I hate to say it, but everytime I go back to Pacific #1, I gotta
> admit that it (the story/art etc.) is rough.  Like all comic
> books.  As time
> progressed, Sergio and Mark put life to it, and the Groo you picture when
> you think of Groo came to be.  That didn't take all that long though, and
> despite all logic and expectation, Groo just kept on going and going.  Who
> could have thunk it?  Its not their fault.  I forget who made the
> evolution
> (or groovolution, as more proper and evogrootion, as I prefer) note, but
> that's what happens.  Deal.

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