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RE: [Groop] Back issues and stuff

But me, in Malaysia, I have Gary to trade back issues Groo with MAlaysian
reprints on Sunday newspapers.  It's hard to find Groo comic in Malaysia
except if we try through e-bays/online auction but then the delivery cost is
high compared to those who are staying in US.


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> Hey all,
> It is EXTREMELY easy to get Groo back issues.  W/ a little work, you
> could get the entire run within a month.  Search around online and you
> can find a lot of things..go to a single comics convention and hit up
> all the dealers...it's not hard.
> Ebay is a great resource...right now, you could prolly get 75% of the
> comics if you won every auction, and it wouldn't cost a lot.  I'd say
> the value of the entire collection is prolly about 2 dollars...on ebay,
> you might be able to get it for 1.  ;-)
> groovy trails,
> iain
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