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Re: [Groop] I remember...

In the last issue (#4 of Mightier than the Sword) there was something I
thought was sort of funny, which I almost missed. I'm not sure if anybody
else missed it but, just in case...

when the warrior brother decides not to be a monk anymore there are two
panels as he decides. In the first one he's got some kind of meditating
thingy in his hand and he's saying something like "I'm out of my mind!" In
the next panel he doesn't have it any more, and he's getting up, and in
the background there's a monk holding his head wincing and that little
meditating thing is on the ground. 

When I noticed that it cracked me up! Mostly because Sergio didn't
actually show the process of him tossing it over his shoulder.. he let it
up to you to notice that and it made it infinitely funnier than if there
was another frame in between that actually showed him tossing it back.



On Tue, 2 May 2000, Iain Bryan wrote:

> I remember an issue, late Marvel or mebbe Image...and in it there is a 2
> panel sequence...
> In the background, in the first panel is a cat on a barrel and Rufferto
> looking at him...in the next panel the cat tail is hanging out of
> Rufferto's mouth.
> I love this.  Can anyone else point out similar things?
> Thankee muchee,
> iain
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