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Re: [Groop] I remember...

>I believe Nate had a good quote that he quoted from another artist on that 
>Something along the lines of "Draw every single mailbox as if it was the 
>main point of focus in your picture"
>Now, I'm sure Nate will correct me so we can get the proper quote.

~~~ It was Walt Simonson I quoted.  When I met him last November, we
discussed the importance of backgrounds and set up shots.  The boring city
scenes or location shots that let the reader know where the action is about
to take place.  He told me to draw every fire hydrant, seatbelt and
cigarette butt like it was as important as your main characters.  If the
reader doesn't believe in the setting, he/she won't believe anything you're
trying to convey.

Good advice.

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