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Re: [Groop] Groop T-Shirt Poll

Awesome idea.

I have started seriously checking into getting Groop T-Shirts made if folks
are interested. This is being done with Mark & Sergio's blessing, of course.
I have found a good silk screener who will do small batches at reasonable
prices. A high quality T-Shirt will go for about $10.00. Originally it was
going to be a GrooFest thing, but the more I thought about it the more that
seemed like a lame idea.

Here's the plan.  It will be Orange (ala Groo's Tunic)   The question I put
to the Groop is:

1. How many people want one?

I would buy more than one.

2. Should it just have the words "Did I Err?" on the front and "Groop@Groo.com" on the back OR should it have Groo's accutrements (belt, pouch, skull, knife, sword holder thingy, with swords on the back) OR both?

Either design is good (but not both on the same shirt. . . )

3. I was also thinking of looking into a Groop "Did I Err" Baseball cap.

Of course. Another good idea.

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