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[Groop] Re: Ebay Item & Groop T-Shirt

Hi Folks!

Re: the ebay item.  As you may recall, this is the second mouse pad this guy
has put up and we previously debated whether to razz him or not, the general
consensus being that we just let Mark take care of things as he sees fit.
And I don't believe Mark gave any input on that one.  So this time I just
sent him the message "So you got permission from Mark Evanier
(me@evanier.com) and/or Sergio Aragones to make and sell this item, right?"
That is as subtle as I get.  He didn't answer, but you never know when
someone actually didn't know they shouldn't do such things.

So Mark, do you routinely check ebay for illicit Groo items or should we
notify you when we see something obvious like the mousepad?

Re:  The Groop T-shirt.   I am in the middle of getting 2 kids home from
college and several work-related trips, so I have not and will not have time
to look at all the feedback about the T-Shirt for a little bit.  BUT keep
those cards and letters coming.  The more feedback, the better.  HOWEVER, (a
fancy word for "but") the T-Shirt will be orange and it will have either the
design described or the words described.  If I open it up to other
alternatives, coming to a consensus will be hopeless.

Take care all!  Groo Rules!!  (and that includes old bloodier Groo, in
between more subtle message Groo, newer unsubtle message Groo, and any other
Groos you care do describe and disect.  GROO!! GROO!! GROO!!!!   I'll take
him anyway Mark & Sergio want to give him to me.  If you can't trust TWO
(2!) master story tellers and comedians to deliver the goods, you might as
well hang it up and take up golf or something!!!  -Gary G.

PS Re: a couple of messages about some of the subtlties of Sergio's artwork:
Part of his genius is the ability to draw funny sight gags in the middle of
a story that blend in perfectly with the story but aren't necessary to the
story.  i.e., he never compromises the story with a sight gag he put in just
to be funny.  The sight gag always "fits in" with what is going on.
Similarly, Mark's words never compromise the Medival-esque setting for the
sake of a gag.  Hey, these guys are good!!!

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> On Wed, 03 May 2000  Pacific Daylight Time, chadmriden@yahoo.com
> wrote:
> >Have you guys seen this Groo mousepad on ebay? the seller is "xxbladexx".
> ME: Just sent him an e-mail telling him to cease and desist.  Thanks!
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