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RE: [Groop] Re: Ebay Item & Groop T-Shirt

> Re: the ebay item.  As you may recall, this is the second mouse
> pad this guy
> has put up and we previously debated whether to razz him or not,
> the general
> consensus being that we just let Mark take care of things as he sees fit.
> And I don't believe Mark gave any input on that one.  So this time I just
> sent him the message "So you got permission from Mark Evanier
> (me@evanier.com) and/or Sergio Aragones to make and sell this
> item, right?"

does the previous one has the same design with the current one on ebays?
If it is the same, then I wonder (not wanderring) how many tons did he made

> That is as subtle as I get.  He didn't answer, but you never know when
> someone actually didn't know they shouldn't do such things.
> So Mark, do you routinely check ebay for illicit Groo items or should we
> notify you when we see something obvious like the mousepad?

Maybe Mark and Sergio should make mouse-pads, not just for merchandise
purpose only, but to promote Groo so that the number og Groo sold will
increase.  Then it might eliminate the activity of making Groo mousepads
without permission from Sergio/Mark. It can be produced thru Dark Horse and
be sold at every comic stores that sell Groo.  Mark, what do you say?


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