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RE: [Groop] Just incase you didn't know already... Virus Alert

> I make a habit of deleting any emails that I can't indentify without
> opening them.  

And what we have here is the *perfect* way to prevent transmission of
viruses (virii?) through email - don't open any attachments to emails
a) you *know* they're from a safe, clean source
b) you have scanned the file before opening it with an *up-to-date*
   virus checker.

If you don't know what it is, and you don't know where it's from,
just *delete* the thing.  If (by some miracle) it turns out it was
actually important, whoever sent it to you can always send it again.

Opening and reading the email message itself will not be able to give
you a virus, you have to open the attached file as well (unless the 
email's got embedded HTML code or something, which is another very
good reason to use plain-text for all your emails and leave the HTML
on the web pages where it belongs).

Not actually a computer geek (but I play one on the internet),
Denis, at work, posting from home, via the web...
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