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Re: [Groop] Just incase you didn't know already... Virus Alert

You're not kidding that this thing is real.  It's like an epemic at my
company.  I had 6 of these in my email.  I know other people who had as many as
100 of these emails today.  I almost accidentally opened one myself.
Be careful,

Shane Clarke wrote:

> Do not open an email with the subject of "I LOVE YOU"
> The attachment is a virus that will destroy all .JPG and .MP3 files on your
> computer and then look for you email address book and send itself to all
> your known email addresses.
> It is indeed real. It's on the news. It started in Hong Kong and has
> already made it to America in no time. I work for the 2nd largest ISP in
> the nation, 4000+ employees, we are on a Microsoft exchange server (this is
> all geek information) and one person in the company opened the attachment
> and now the virus has infiltrated the exchange server... so I had several
> hundred emails waiting for me..
> I find all rather funny, though!
> But just a warning for those of you that aren't up to date on this
> things... this one is not a hoax... it's real.
> (And yes I'm a bonafied computer geek!)
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