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[Groop] GAC!!! (Groo Advertising Campaign)

In a message dated 5/4/0 9:15:42 PM, rmbeck@ibm.net writes:

>Also, who's with me about buying an extra copy of Space Circus and Groo?
>I'd like to see everyone commit to it.

I'm in! 

But remember, the goal isn't to increase the number of Groo (and Groo-ish) 
books sold just by buying more ourselves, the goal is to give these extra 
issues away in order to increase the number of Groo-fans (Groo-ish fans?) in 
the world. 

There is no more effective method of advertising than word of mouth! (Hey, 
I'm an advertising group manager whose ads reach over 6 million people, so I 
guess you can call me an expert on something BESIDES entropy).

Let's spread the word!

You know, there's a regional headquarters for Jehovah's Witnesses nearby. 
Maybe I'll go knock on their door and hand them an issue of Space Circus!!!

Larry Steller AKA The Sheik of Entropy

P.S. Don't forget Mark Evanier's upcoming SUPERMAN AND BUGS BUNNY, 
due in stores May 31!!!

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