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RE: [Groop] Just in case you thought I'd gone insane...

Maybe the problem is with your mail server/internet line that cannot send
the message at that time but keep trying from time to time.  Then when the
line/server is OK, it already sent 4 copies /made 4 sending trials of that
e-mail.  You don't have to worry about it.


> I wrote (only once, but it came through 4 times for no apparent
> reason...):
> > Not actually a computer geek (but I play one on the internet),
> See, a real computer geek would know why that email decided
> to send itself 4 times, instead of just the one time I tried to send it...
> Sorry 'bout that peoples...
> (muttermuttergrumblestupidmendicantofacomputer...)
> Later,
> Denis.
> --
> Denis, at work, emailing from home, via the web, feeling stupid...

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