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[Groop] FW: [molers] Email with 'ILOVEYOU' as the title

For those who are curious about the "I LOVE YOU" virus that someone mailed to the list earlier.  This person explains how to get rid of  the virus especially those using windowsNT
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From: Megat Amirul Izzat [mailto:amirul@medical-online.net]
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 2:22 PM
To: molers@egroups.com
Subject: [molers] Email with 'ILOVEYOU' as the title

Please help distribute this inportant information.

If any of you receive email title 'ILOVEYOU' or something like that, please
do not execute the attachment file attached to it (a VBS - Visual Basic
extension). If you just open the email, it's still safe but NEVER execute
the attachment. Please delete it right away. This is not a hoax virus...but
a real one. It contains virus similar to Melissa virus, very malicious. If
you happened to execute it, it will run through your history of address book
and automatically send the same message and attachment to every email
address in that history address book - just like Melissa's. It's spreading
really fast over here.

If you executed it by accident, please clean your registry (ask somebody who
knows how to do this - can't explain because it will take too much of my
time) and all related files under your windows/winnt folder.

Also, if you're using McAfee virus scan, make sure you have the latest DAT
files (4076). If you don't have one, get it from McAfee ftp site at:
ftp://ftp.mcafee.com/pub/antivirus/datfiles. If you're using Norton, it
should pick the virus. Also, please let your email admins (if you're using
Exchange) to update their Group Shield DATfile to 4076 and run a scan to
clean up all the mailboxes on the email server. If they are using Sendmail,
I think they are okay but it's good to check. Other than those two, I don't

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