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Re: [Groop] Just incase you didn't know already... Virus Alert

I just ask people not to put me on their address book, and I don't put them
on mine.  If you got to mail.com you can set up very easy to remember
address, like mine "hellboy@saintly.com"

Dan "oxy-moron" LaLande

> From: dhackney@optusnet.com.au
> Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 08:50:50 +1000
> To: groop@groo.com
> Subject: RE: [Groop] Just incase you didn't know already... Virus Alert
>> I make a habit of deleting any emails that I can't indentify without
>> opening them.  
> And what we have here is the *perfect* way to prevent transmission of
> viruses (virii?) through email - don't open any attachments to emails
> unless:
> a) you *know* they're from a safe, clean source
> and/or
> b) you have scanned the file before opening it with an *up-to-date*
> virus checker.
> If you don't know what it is, and you don't know where it's from,
> just *delete* the thing.  If (by some miracle) it turns out it was
> actually important, whoever sent it to you can always send it again.
> Opening and reading the email message itself will not be able to give
> you a virus, you have to open the attached file as well (unless the
> email's got embedded HTML code or something, which is another very
> good reason to use plain-text for all your emails and leave the HTML
> on the web pages where it belongs).
> Not actually a computer geek (but I play one on the internet),
> Denis.
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