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Re: [Groop] Groop T-Shirt Poll

Sean McCoy wrote:
> I think they would be cool if the had the groop@groo.com or Did I
> Err ont he front, maybe small and were the pocket would be? and on
> the back it should have the definition of mulch.

I agree with whoever it was that said we should have the website
address not the email address - an email address to someone who isn't
on the list already is completely useless.

I also agree with whoever said that a minimal design would be better
than a huge all-over print - I don't like t-shirts with huge all-over

I'm also getting closer to a vaguely finished version of the GroopFAQ
I said I was going to write a few months back - I'll let people know
about it once I've got it up on the web somewhere.

I also had an encounter with the ILOVEYOU virus - someone at work got
it, but luckily someone managed to pull the plug on the mail server
before it spread throughout the entire organisation...

Hopefully just the once this time,
Denis Hackney - http://members.optusnet.com.au/~dhackney/
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