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[Groop] Groo & Rufferto out in paperback!

Boy, is this book great.  I especially enjoyed Mark's index, nice
touch.  Particularly the reference to "Grossmann, Gary -- See
Obsession." :)  Read it over and you'll learn a little of what goes into
making this comic -- with in-jokes and cameos, etc. noted and
unmasked.  Very interesting, aside from the humor.  I didn't get a chance
to read these in issue form, so I missed Evanier's great introductions
from the inside covers, but that was the only thing missing.  I'd almost
say they're the funniest part of the comic, though; they are enjoyable.

	Having read mostly Usagi Yojimbo (a black-and-white
comic) I've come to think of colored comics as special because they
obviously take more effort (not to say that UY isn't great) -- and Tom
Luth's coloring in this book is good.  It accentuates Sergio's detail
which I've mentioned before.  His work is really a treat for the eyes --
every time I reread a strip I spot some new and funny detail.  How does he
pack so much in and yet draw so fast?

 	As for the story, I think the ordinary "Groo in medieval
times" half was my favorite.  Even though I tend to prefer the mindless
violence and sight gags to "preachy morality stuff," the modern story with
Rufferto stuck in present-day America was still nice.  I admit
that some of our conventions are easy to joke about.  BTW, as a military
history major I'm pleased to see that Sergio clearly puts as much
realistic research into his modern equipment and vehicles as he does into
his ships.  The accurate art makes the story better, in my opinion.
	The part with Groo at the bridge was a great running gag, but I
was affected particularly by Rufferto and Groo missing each other.  In a
sense, this story is about what lengths people will go to for friendship,
and whatever other faults Groo is cursed with, he is a true and loyal
friend to Rufferto.  This was a good book.  Great work, Sergio and Mark.


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