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[Groop] T-Shirt

My serious shirt ideas:

1 - if i remember correctly, whoever suggested it, was just asking for
opinions on 2 ideas

2 - if this is something that everyone really wants, it should be a
groop effort, with someone fielding ideas...spend enough time to make
sure everythign is right: color, words, picture...

3 - i think the idea of a shirt w/ a mockup of groo's belt and stuff is
an awful idea..think about those tuxedo shirts ppl

4 - i don't think there should be anything on the back

5 - i do think orange could work, with blue lettering, or black...(iain
is a Giants fan!!)

6 - Did I Err is the perfect phrase for the front, w/ mebbe a small
picture of some sort...like groos swords underneath it

7 - remember..the point is to have a cool shirt you can wear and other
ppl will notice...putting the website will only make the shirt look like
all the other freebie shirts you get at computer conventions...

8 - i hope someone takes these suggestions seriously...i like to think i
have a modicum of fashion sense

9 - hugz love and lite to all you groopies

10 - i'm going to pacbell park again tomorra..yay

11- 12

12 - no

13 - iain

14 - ps - cheese dip

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