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[Groop] Realistically

OK, I haven't said anything about the shirts until now, but since I design
and sell them myself, here goes:

1) An all over print for a short run (under 100 pieces) would be
ridiculously expensive to have made. I don't think you want to pay 30-40
bucks for your shirt.

2) A 4-color process (full color) design would also be ridiculously
expensive for under 100 pieces.  I don't think you want to pay 20-30 bucks
for your shirt.

3) More likely than not, the best, most economical choice for the shirts is
a one color process on a colored shirt.  Maybe even both sides printed.
This would be much easier and cheaper for Gary or whoever is making them.
I get these shirts made at about 7 dollars apiece, on Hanes heavyweight
preshrunk cotton shirts.  I sell them cheap at 12 bucks, and they are
excellent quality.  So to have 100 made, it costs roughly $700.00.  That's
not bad.

See examples of the shirts I'm selling, made from this process, at:



Piekos Arts ~ http://www.piekosarts.com
AKF Comics ~ http://www.piekosarts.com/akfcomics
Blambot Fonts! ~ http://www.piekosarts.com/blambotfonts

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