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[Groop] Groo miniseries formats...

I kind of agree with Iain in that the 4-issue stories always leaves a
feeling of incompleteness. Especially for us foreign dudes (and
dudettes) that have to wait fo weeks and weeks for the issues (they
usually take longer to reach me-even in between issues).

Since they take so long to reach me, I have to re-read them al each time
a new part comes out!

I can Imagine that Mark and Sergio could be a bit tired of putting out
complete standalone stories. They do, I suppose give a smaller playing
field. This is understandable.

Maybe there could be ways of doing "themed" 4-issue series? Maybe do 4
standalone issues that somehow have something (don´t ask me what!) in

How ´bout it Mark? Have you and the big S ever discussed this? Are we
treading the fine line of giving you guys "ideas" (even if they´re not
for stories) that you´ll never use here? Should we just shut up about
such things or what?


On another note:

Man, people are really dumb and ignorant morons. Mark said that Groo
makes a "modest" profit. It should be making a HUGE profit! I was just
in London and took a stroll into one of the big SCI-FI/comics stores
there: Forbidden Planet. While browsign through all the comics it really
dawned on me that it´s no wonder the industry is in upheaval! The few
good things out there like Groo (which was of course SOLD OUT) drown in
a sea of crappy big-breasted Super Sex Vixens with hollow stories and
unexiting clichés (talk about stating the obvious!). If Dark Horse were
smart, thay´d make Groo their #1 comic and advertise it like hell all
over the world.

The only stuff I buy is done by M.E. and Sergio (and the odd Sakai). The
day they stop doing their thang is the day I stop reading comics
completely unless something just as good comes along, and I don´t think
that´s possible.

Is there anything that even comes close?

swede grooper

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