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RE: [Groop] Groo miniseries formats...

> I kind of agree with Iain in that the 4-issue stories always leaves a
> feeling of incompleteness. Especially for us foreign dudes (and
> dudettes) that have to wait fo weeks and weeks for the issues (they
> usually take longer to reach me-even in between issues).
> Since they take so long to reach me, I have to re-read them al each time
> a new part comes out!

Then those who feel incompletness of the story while waiting for the next
issue of the miniseries can buy the comic, store it at a hiding place
without read it till you complete all issues of the miniseries then you can
read it.  You can even finish reading all 4 issues of the miniseries within
1 day without the incompleteness feeling.  But then you have to restrain
yourself from the urge to  take the comic from its hiding place to read it.


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