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Re: [Groop] FW: [Groop] GAC!!! (Groo Advertising Campaign)

In a message dated 5/11/0 10:24:28 AM, ASudilov@Calfee.com writes:

>Now that Phase I is under way, Larry you
>can get to setting up Phase II.  I'm sure that some of your 6 million
>advertees will fall victim to the secret "Read Groo" messages that will
>appear in your adwork.  Great idea!  Thanks for suggesting it!

I can think of less fun ways of getting fired!!!
I can see it now (Larry gets all squiggly as we fade to a Macy's commercial)

"This Groosday, it's Macy*s One Fray Sale
Save on Famous Men Swear from Taranto Hilfiger, 
Pipil Klein and Arcadiomani
Slay One, Gut One Free
plus great barkains from Rufferto Lauren and Mulch, Mulch more?"

Perhaps Groo is already working his was into our ads!!! We've had a few good 
ones see print. My favorite is one my friend snuck into a sleepwear ad, where 
he described a satin nightie as follows:

A. SATIN WORSHIP. Devilishly smooth in your choice of colors?

Then there was the banner headline which read:


And just last week our teleservice number was off by one digit. It wouldn't 
have been so bad if the modified number wasn't a porn line!

Of course, perhaps the strongest evidence that Groo is already in our ads is 
the fact that our One Day Sales run on Tuesday and Wednesday!!!

-Larry Steller AKA The Soon-to-be-unemployed of Entropy

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