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[Groop] Where to find Groo comics these days?

howdy folks

Hmm, how do I start here.  I was cleaning my house today and found an old
box of comics.  Inside I found my old Groo's, well most of them from epic,
from issues 3-84, missing quite a few here and there.  I read them all and
laughed many times over, it had been many many years (try almost 10) since
I had picked one up!

I found your webpage (great, by the way) and I wanted to ask, are there any
reprints or graphic novels of any kind that I could buy to read the
stories?  I'm not much of a collector, I just want to read them for the
funny stories.  I never did buy the Death or Life of Groo, are these still

Well, that is enough of your time!  If anyone could help me out or point me
in the right direction, that would be really cool!

Thanks a bunch

Erick Ritchie
a Groo fan, from the good ol days. :)

Erick Ritchie

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com