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Re: [Groop] Misc. Groo Stuff

Ewww, i just spent 13 hours in L.A at that damn E3 convention, stay away from L.A~!

From: "Gary Grossmann" <grossfam@olywa.net>
To: <groop@groo.com>
Subject: [Groop] Misc. Groo Stuff
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 21:16:36 -0700

Hi Folks!

Well that was a weird few days. Cut off from my disconnect from the real world!!! Glad that's over with!!! There's Home Life, Work Life, and Groo Life. The one in the middle I could do without, but it's the only one that pays the bills. At least it's out numbered again!

On the subject of Groop T-Shirts: Boy, Nate, are you a Party Pooper!!!!! The shirts will not cost very much at all. I guess this guy does them different or something from what you are familiar with, but the Text only shirts will cost only about $8.00!! Yes, that's right, a high quality (I've seen samples) T-Shirt for $8.00. Even the fancy one would only be about $15.00.

Unfortunately, after further discussions, it turns out the Groo Accutrements shirt might be too complicated to be done well. It's not a matter of cost so much as the process. I'm going to check into it some more, but it doesn't look good. However, after sifting through all of the e-mails, it looks like there will be at least 50 shirts to order! (the score was an even three-way split between text-only, accutrements, and don't care which) And we can probably get an even split of putting the Groop address on the front/Did I Err? on the back and vice versa. I'll have more infor in a week. But more input on using Groo.com or Groop@groo.com and any other input would be great! Nothing on hats yet.

I picked up my copy of the Groo & Rufferto TPB. Wow! My name is in it! Tooooo Cooool!! Thanks Mark! (even though, of course, I am not obsessed)

Speaking of which, I found a here-to-for undocumented Groo Sighting!!! I got a batch of CAPS Newsletters from the late 80's and early 90's and one had a wrap-around Sergio drawing that included two Groos and a Chakaal, among others!!!! This is the 159th item on the Other Original Groo Appearances section of the Official Unofficial Groo List, which totals well over 1000 items. (but I am not obsessed!)

btw, CAPS is the Comic Artist Professional Society co-founded by Mark, Sergio and one other guy whom I can't remember way back in 1978.

Well, in about six hours I'm leaving for my annual trip to the LA area to pick up my son from College. It's a real complicated trip. Turn left, drive half a mile down Blomberg, Turn left, drive half a mile down 93rd, Turn right, drive 1000 miles down I-5. See, short and simple (Just like me!) Have a good weekend everybody (and stay off I-5) Take care -Gary G.

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