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Re: [Groop] Groo special #2

Hi Folks!

Just got back from California with #1 Son.  Josh was down their too, to see
a friend (and New Dream employee or co-owner-I'm not sure which) graduate,
but I didn't run into him.   Still buzzing a little on caffeine.  Let's see:

Shane, you can't pick up my son. If you had picked him up, Erin would have
been very upset.  That is the one and only (at least for now) Original Erin
and you wouldn't want her mad at you!!

Lain, regarding the Groo Special number 2:  Ooklay upay urioussplay inay the
ictionaryday anday uouyay illway avehay uouryay answeray.  Sorry, my pig
Latin is a little rusty.

Erik Ritchie:  If your local shops don't have back issues of Groo, your best
bet to fill out your collection is ebay or online shops like Thats
Entertainment (www.thatsentertainment.com I think)
The old tradepaperbacks are hard to come by (see below)  The most recent
ones can be purchased directly from Dark Horse Comics at www.dhcomics.com or
can be ordered through your local shop.  The include the Groo Houndbook,
Inferno, the first two Dark Horse mini-series, and the Groo Jamboree will be
coming out soon. If you local shop doesn't regularly order these and other
Dark Horse stuff by Sergio and Mark, tell them to get with it!!!!!   The
tradepaperbacks of the Epic run are on high quality paper that really shows
off the artwork and color better than the old newsprint and Mark and/or
Sergio always add something new to all their TPB's.

Larry:   Yes, you were insane.  Join the club.  I have paid ridicules
amounts for Groo stuff I didn't think I could get anywhere else.  Usually
I'm wrong on that point.  It all depends on how impatient you are.  But in
your case, the Chronicles are pretty easy to come by for no more than a few
bucks apiece, and the Groo Adventurer had 2 printings (I think) so it shows
up a reasonable amount, usually for cover price.  The others, however, can
be very difficult to track down.  I'm sure you could have found them
indvidually over a period of time for a lot less.  But if you really wanted
them now and can still pay the rent, than "too much" is pretty subjective.
Your sanity, however, is not a subjective issue.  You are a hardcore
Groopie.  You are, therefore, insane by default.  It takes one to know one.

Also, I will contact the guy you cc'd me about and send him the Groo List.

Denis, Haven't had a chance to look at the FAQ yet, but it sounds cool!
Can't wait to get to it!

I've been up since 9:30am yesterday, driven 2300 miles in the last 57 hours
and this message makes more sense than anything I've written in months.
Scary stuff.

Take care all -Gary G.

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> Iain Bryan wrote:
> >
> > On one of the back of the trading cards...there is mention of a special
> > #2.  Is this some joke?
> >
> > iain
> Isn't that the issue with the Troplotz? Gary?
> Kevin
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