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RE: [Groop] Misc. Groo Stuff

> Stay away from LA?  Stay away from LA?  The greater LA area is
> the center of
> the Groo Universe.  Mark, Sergio, Tom & Stan all live in the general
> vicinity (in Sergio's case, very general, but close enough)  Of
> course, it's
> just a coincidence that my son goes to college down there, at the same
> school that Josh Jones, creator of Groo.com and this mailing
> list, went to.
> Just like it's a coincidence that my other son goes to college in
> Portland,
> Oregon, 15 minutes away from Dark Horse comics, the current publisher of
> Groo.  Just happen to turn out that way.

Maybe they knew that their father is a Big big Groo fan.  That's why they
went to study close to the Groo team and Dark Horse so that their father can
be as close as possible with the Groo team and Dark Horse when visiting them
at college.


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