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[Groop] Grooism from Saudi

Hi ya all, just thought I'd share an amusing moment.

I was in the 24hr supermarket closest to my compound searching for a
dispenser to put on a 5 gallon water bottle, you know a pump thing, you push
the pump button down and it siphons out water. Anyway I asked a guy in the
supermarket if he had the big 5 gallon water bottles, thinking the pumps
would be closes at hand. He says "Water" and points to the far corner of the
supermaket. I go there and the biggest I find is a 1 gallon bottle (no good
for me), so I ask the closest guy there, (slowly narrowing in I thought),
this was close to the meat section so he was a butchers asst, he didn't
really understand english too well and wandered off returning with his
manager who asks me in good english what I wanted, so I explain it to him
that I was after a 5 gallon container, and a pump. He looks blankly for a
moment and then proclaims intently "You want meat yes", now I thought the
concept of a 5 gallon container of meat with a pump dispenser to be a trifle
amusing so I just started laughing at them and had to leave.

Suppose you had to be there.

I'm not currently getting my Groop mail forwarded to me by my brother, so I
don't know what's going on with the Groop or if you all got my message about
my recent engagement. Unfortunately she won't be coming to the SDCC with me,
but you all might get to meet Susan yet. And to those Groopers who tried
emailing her to say I was struck by some dessesbo disorder compelling me to
collect Evanier/Aragones publications, wekll it didn't work . . . . .
nahhhhhh !  :o) she still said yes !

Later guysngals

Greg Craill
STILL Grooless and stuck in Saudi Arabia

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