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Re: [Groop] A new question for M.E.

I've heard he's a difficult man...and judging by his preface/forward from his 10th Anniversary Collection, I'd be inclined to agree. I dunno why he feels so strongly about licsensing, but hey, to each his own...

Wow... I sense a story here. I was only wondering if you knew why he brought Calvin and Hobbes to an end way back in 1988.

Ummm... I believe it ended around 94 or 95.

In some of the
Calvin and Hobbes strips, the Calvin family had their house broken into and
robbed. I was wondering if it was based on a real life situation.

This was around the middle of the C and H run. Not the end.

Though I know nothing of Bill Watterson, I have always enjoyed the Calvin and Hobbes strips. Even more so that I'm not a young kid anymore. (though I'm still a kid... just not a young kid.) The Calvin and Hobbes strips attack a lot of societies stupidities... and I love it.

Occasionally preachy, occasionally brilliant... almost always funny. Pound for pound, one of the most visually stunning artists on the funnies page, as Nate said, his colors and inks on Sundays were great.

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