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Re: [Groop] A new question for M.E.

Though I know nothing of Bill Watterson, I have always enjoyed the Calvin
and Hobbes strips. Even more so that I'm not a young kid anymore. (though
I'm still a kid... just not a young kid.) The Calvin and Hobbes strips
attack a lot of societies stupidities... and I love it.

Occasionally preachy, occasionally brilliant... almost always funny. Pound for pound, one of the most visually stunning artists on the funnies page, as Nate said, his colors and inks on Sundays were great.

I might have to get some books on Bill Watterson. I've bought almost everything I could find on Gary Larson, and it's proved to be very interesting. From the books he's written, he's nothing like I imagined. I dare say he's "cranky and mean" also. = )

Also, Gary Larson is super tight on copyright protection. I'm pretty sure that there are no Far Side Comics on the net.... legally. Last I checked, he did not want the Internet medium to be a distribution for his "children" as he calls them. (His artwork.)

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