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[Groop] Re: Calvin & Hobbes

He never replies to his fan mail either... tch.
Shame everyone isn't as accommodating as Terry Pratchet (Discworld novels)
in this respect, still if everyone spent as much time replying to fan mail
as writing the stuff then maybe they wouldn't get any work done.  Hardly a
consideration for Mr W though....

For those who may be interested:


is a really good starting point for C&H stuff  and
http://www.okidoki.nl/calvin_and_hobbes/intrvw.htm contains the only
transcript of an interview I've ever seen with the man himself. (As for the
photo - guess who "Dad"  was modelled on)

Speaking of which... Is there some reason ME's photo is always a drawing on
fan sites.... hmmm ???  There also seems to be a bit of a shortage of Sergio
photos.  The only one Ive seen is a rather elderly looking b/w one.  Can
someone address this seriously deficit !


ps:  hey... Ive got the longest e-mail address of the Groop... is there a

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> >Have you had the pleasure of meeting Bill Watterson? (Of Calvin and
Hobbes fame)
> ME: Only on the phone, and it was not a pleasure.  Sergio met him at a
> seminar once and also didn't like him.
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