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[Groop] what if....... / the new vs. old discussion

> << --->Yup.  Say, what is Groo's last name anyway?

I've been under the impression that "Groo" IS the
family name (Life of Groo?). Of course arguements
could be made for "Idiot", "Mendicant", "Dolt", or
"Aaaaararrrrrgggggghhhhh!" (which is often heard after

Ya know, I've been thinking about the recent
discussion of the "new" Groo vs. the "old" Groo... I
love Groo (past and present), but I miss one aspect of
the older Groos: the recurring characters. I really
miss Taranto, Pal, Drumm, Arba, Dakarba, Sage, Mulch,
the Minstrel, Arcadio, Grativo, etc...

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