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Re: [Groop] Re: Calvin & Hobbes

Mark Brown wrote:
> He never replies to his fan mail either... tch.
> Shame everyone isn't as accommodating as Terry Pratchet (Discworld
> novels) in this respect, still if everyone spent as much time
> replying to fan mail as writing the stuff then maybe they wouldn't
> get any work done.

Which is why Mr. Pratchett recently made the shocking announcement
that he could no longer keep up with all his fan mail and so would no
longer be replying to every single one personally... Personally I'm
amazed that he's managed this long...

And seriously people, anyone who hasn't read anything by Terry
Pratchett do so as soon as possible.  His Discworld books are
absolutely brilliant (the Discworld is a place where Groo would fit
pretty well indeed), and he co-wrote Good Omens with Neil Gaiman which
is also a damn good book (and soon to be made into a movie by Terry

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