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Re: [Groop] Grooism from Saudi

Hey I just wanted to say I FIRST read Groo (and started collecting) in
Saudi Arabia myself! With issue Number 9 from Epic from the
Commisary/PX! So no excuse for no groo for you!


Greg Craill wrote:
> Hi ya all, just thought I'd share an amusing moment.
> I was in the 24hr supermarket closest to my compound searching for a
> dispenser to put on a 5 gallon water bottle, you know a pump thing, you push
> the pump button down and it siphons out water. Anyway I asked a guy in the
> supermarket if he had the big 5 gallon water bottles, thinking the pumps
> would be closes at hand. He says "Water" and points to the far corner of the
> supermaket. I go there and the biggest I find is a 1 gallon bottle (no good
> for me), so I ask the closest guy there, (slowly narrowing in I thought),
> this was close to the meat section so he was a butchers asst, he didn't
> really understand english too well and wandered off returning with his
> manager who asks me in good english what I wanted, so I explain it to him
> that I was after a 5 gallon container, and a pump. He looks blankly for a
> moment and then proclaims intently "You want meat yes", now I thought the
> concept of a 5 gallon container of meat with a pump dispenser to be a trifle
> amusing so I just started laughing at them and had to leave.
> Suppose you had to be there.
> I'm not currently getting my Groop mail forwarded to me by my brother, so I
> don't know what's going on with the Groop or if you all got my message about
> my recent engagement. Unfortunately she won't be coming to the SDCC with me,
> but you all might get to meet Susan yet. And to those Groopers who tried
> emailing her to say I was struck by some dessesbo disorder compelling me to
> collect Evanier/Aragones publications, wekll it didn't work . . . . .
> nahhhhhh !  :o) she still said yes !
> Later guysngals
> Greg Craill
> STILL Grooless and stuck in Saudi Arabia
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