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[Groop] Groo Sighting A.P.B.

Hi Folks!

I am am making a request of all Groopies with extensive comic and fanzine
collections from the mid-1980's.

Amazing Heroes #99 (July 15, 1986) has a great interview with Sergio.  The
art includes reprints of several covers, a reprint of the drawing that
appeared in the 1978 C.A.P.S. Catalogue, AND a three-panel reprint of what
was certainly an Epic/Marvel Groo advertisement. One panel shows Groo
fraying and the caption reads: "Who is the greatest, grandest hero who ever
swung a sword?"  The second panel shows Groo surrounded by adoring women and
says "...the one most irresistble to women?"  and the third panel has him
walking off a cliff while leading an army and says "...the true leader of
men?"  It ends with the words "Whoever it is, It's NOT Groo the Wanderer by
Sergio Aragones!"  The art is dated 1985.

I have not run across this advertisement anywhere.  Does anybody have a clue
where it might have appeared as the advertisement it obviously is?  I am
kind of surprised it hasn't popped up somewhere.  Thanks and take care
all -Gary G.

Groop maillist  -  Groop@groo.com