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[Groop]That mendicant, Jeff.


I've been using the word e-ddress (that's how you spell it by the way, with two ds) for three years, which beats your paltry 6 months by a long shot. However, people used to laugh at me and call me names when I used it, so I stopped saying it in public and became a closet-abbreviator. But I'm out in the open now. Apparently people have seen the light and the error of their former ways, and have come to accept the term e-ddress. So I therefore reiterate: HA!


PS: Do two posts in one day mean that I've finally returned from lurk-land? Maybe, 'cause I really like this email client (Eudora) a lot better than AOL. I'll probably post more.

PPS: I would forward all the email that contains my first use of e-ddess (I don't claim to be the originator, unlike SOME people I could mention), but I unfortunately lost all my back email when I screwed up the installation of Eudora.

PPPS: I hope one day society will be open and healthy enough to allow us to eliminate the hyphen in e-ddress, and create the whole new word, eddress (those brave martyrs for the term email have shown us it's possible!). This will allow us once and for all to discriminate between "snail mail" address (plain ol' address) and email address (new, cool eddress). Yes, it's a bright future, indeed.

PPPPS:  To recap: HA!

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