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Subject: RE: [Groop] Groo merchandise

O.k. I admit it....I haven't introduce you to myself.

I'm from Mex city, I work for a Bank as a system programmer
I met Mr. Aragones here in Mex 3 week ago in a comic convention (such a
nice fellow !) and my admiration for his work re-born.
so I decied to search in the web more about Groo.

thanks everybody for your suggestions about where I can order some Groo
items !!  and about this Groo movie
I think the best story could be the begin...on how Groo grew from zero
to hero!, and this french guy ...Gerard Depardiue could play the
character and Al Pacino as the evil wizard who can read people's mind.

does anybody have Groo trading cards ?

Carlos Lopez
Automated Teller Machines Dept.
Tandem Systems
(525)325-0505 (Ex. 2466)
(525)238-0636 (Fax no.)

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