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RE: [Groop] Wow!

COOL! Well I like the way you think. That could work but how/who do we
suggest it to a company so they make the film. Atleast it wont be arnold
swartzenegger but I think a good human actor might be the husband from
Rosanne,"Babe Ruth", "Flintstones". I think his name is John Goodman. Who
knows if he is good enough to act stupid and yet be a good slasher and
fighter. All we need is someone who looks kind of big, little fat, and
strong. The rest is in the script and acting job.

> Groo in a movie, eh?  Who would play groo?  I think the only
> thing that would
> work would be a cartoony figure, a la Homer Simpson in the Homer
> in 3d simpsons
> episode at the end.  Everyone else would be live actors...Groo
> would be in a
> cartoon costume
> iain

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