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RE: [Groop]Change of address

That Crazy Guy Azamin Wrote:

What happened to your daniel@xamin.das.bnl.gov e-dress?

You looked this up, didn't you? Just to try and impress me, you searched your email archive and pulled out this little gem, right? Well, it won't work, mister! I am NOT impressed by your file-searching prowess.

Oh yeah, and e-ddress has TWO Ds! TWO! It's just like address, see, only the A has been replaced by an E. I don't know what an "e-dress" is, it might be some kind of garment worn by digital ladies, or maybe something you could purchase at womenshophere.com or something, but it certainly is not the term for <insert technical description of email here>. Get it? Ok then.


PS: That e-ddress was from last summer when I did an internship out at Brookhaven Natn'l Labs, and while I technically still have an account there, I really just have a file that forwards all BNL mail to my primary e-ddress, which is now djb235@is9.nyu.edu.

PPS: You know, I finally completed my Groo collection. Yep, I have a complete Groo run, thanks to one PakRat (AKA Dan Lalande).

PPPS:  Some people find Oprah important.  I do not.

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