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RE: [Groop]Change of address

> That Crazy Guy Azamin Wrote:

Crazy of Groo comics........

> You looked this up, didn't you?  Just to try and impress me, you searched
> your email archive and pulled out this little gem, right?  Well, it won't
> work, mister!  I am NOT impressed by your file-searching prowess.

Nope.  Sorry to disappoint you ...hehehehe.  I just look at my address book,
not my e-mail archive.  I deleted nearly all mails that I recieve which are
not that important and the one I would make a reference to.  Anyway, if
you're using Netscape messanger, when you deleted a mail, the content still
there in your computer and it consumes a lot of disk space if there is no
cleanup. (look at directory \netscape\users\your account
here\mail\sent,inbox,trash,drafts.)  What you'll do to clear it is, delete
all mails in trash, then go to  inbox, select all then delete it (on
Netscape messanger, not at window explorer).  go to the mail directory
(window explorer), delete file inbox.  Go back to netscape messanger, at
trash, select all then right click the mouse then select move message and
select inbox.  Do the same thing for sent, drafts.  After finish, delete
file trash.

how about e-lamat (from alamat - address in Malay)hehehehe
Anyway e-dress is a kind of cyber dress created only for you Daniel.  or is
it Dear Daniel (from Hello Kitty).....


> Oh yeah, and e-ddress has TWO Ds! TWO!  It's just like address, see, only
> the A has been replaced by an E. I don't know what an "e-dress" is, it
> might be some kind of garment worn by digital ladies, or maybe something
> you could purchase at womenshophere.com or something, but it certainly is
> not the term for <insert technical description of email here>.
> Get it?  Ok
> then.
> -TGD
> PS:  That e-ddress was from last summer when I did an internship out at
> Brookhaven Natn'l Labs, and while I technically still have an account
> there, I really just have a file that forwards all BNL mail to my primary
> e-ddress, which is now djb235@is9.nyu.edu.
> PPS:  You know, I finally completed my Groo collection.  Yep, I have a
> complete Groo run, thanks to one PakRat (AKA Dan Lalande).
> PPPS:  Some people find Oprah important.  I do not.

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