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Re: [Groop]Early issues of Groo the Wanderer

Are they worth anything?!  My goodness, Rosanna, they are Priceless!!!!  Priceless, I say!!!  You should keep them.  And reread them regularly.  Them maybe you won't need Prozac!  Of course, some of us need both!
(btw, Spanish artist Picasso, speaking in english, once said another master's paintings were "worthless", intending to mean that they were "priceless".   Now with Groo comics, these two words might actually be synonyms!)    
And welcome back Really Big Chin Guy!    I really loved the Index too! (Even without the Gary reference)  Mark and/or Sergio always give you something extra in their reprints!!!   You didn't list Usagi Yojimbo by Groo Crew member Stan Sakai with your other favorites.  You gotta try the Ronin Rabbit! 
And welcome back from Lurk-dom TGD! 
Take care all -Gary G. 
PS  I still say the fact that we have Groopies on the Flagship of the Pacific Fleet, working in Saudi Arabia, and goodness knows what TGD is doing at Brookhaven labs for the CIA or whoever is either really cool or really frightening!  
PPS  This is just for you, TGD.
PPPS  So is this.   
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Subject: [Groop]Early issues of Groo the Wanderer

I have lots of early issues of Groo. From PC #1 on and from Marvel #1 on all in mint or near mint condition.
Are these grand archives of humor actually worth anything?