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Re: [Groop]Change of address

ARRR~! i does agree. A pox on aol~!

From: Daniel Bron <djb235@is9.nyu.edu>
To: Groop@groo.com
Subject: [Groop]Change of address
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 10:40:46 -0400

Hi all,

This is Daniel Bron (TGD), and I've finally smartened up (a la Groo #100),
and quit AOL.  Unfortunatly, I forgot to unsubscribe from the Groop first,
and when I went to Groo.com (on my new ISP) and clicked the links to the
Groop List Options page, it asked me for my password.  Can you believe
it?  The NERVE!  In any case, I don't know what my password is (I never
made one), and I can't click the "email my password to me" button because
my old email address doesn't exist anymore (though I clicked it anyway,
just in case).  I need the Groop admin. (Josh?) either to unsubscribe me or
to send me my password.  Or the entire Groop could just shun my old email
address and hope it gets the hint and goes away.

Anyway, I've resubscribed to the Groop with this e-dress (<~~ this is a
snazzy word everyone should use), until such time as I get a much cooler one.

The one, the only (thank god),


PS:    I love this list, it's the only one I retained through the change.
PPS:  I hate AOL and heartily recommend its leading competitor to everyone.
PPPS:  What, weren't 2 PSes enough for you people?

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