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Re: [Groop]I don´t get it. I must be Groo!

As usual, I did enjoy the series immensly, but I WAS in fact expecting Pipil to
die, so that didn´t surprise me.

I sort of got the impression that there would be some big announcement about the
future of Groo or something. Although Mark DID hint that we would soon be seeing
some old regular characters....


SheikOfEntropy@aol.com wrote:.

> We all knew Pipil Khan was supposed to die at the end, since that was the
> premise
> of the series. I THINK that what Mark thought was going to be a big surprise
> was that Pipil Khan died, not by Groo's hand.......
> I think most of us in the Groop have privately agreed that it was a very good
> series with a very good ending, but that what Mark thought was going to be a
> GREAT SURPRISE was simply a good unpredictable ending. GROO comics have
> always been full of unexpected twists and turns, so I think when Mark said to
> expect a surprise ending, our expectations REALLY SOARED.
> Do you agree, Joe?
> -Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of Entropy

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